30 Days of Health Style

Jody Hollis

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Well, 30 Days of Health has started with tons of excitement and commitment! Super excited to blog about these 15 ladies and our journey of no refined sugar, more salads and fitness everyday. Loved all the health pictures that I have received from this awesome group for Day 1 of 30.

Our Fantastic Team of Challengersteam1Victoria Team – Jen Vining, Lisa Erlic, Carolyn Stenberg, Lisa Sinclair, Julie Rust, Kari McLay, Tami Tate, Sandi Piercy, Nicole Smith and me. Below missing from picture Laurie Ann Faulkner, Erin Hand Wright (Out of town team)  Janelle Simpson Finnegan, Jamie Horrelt, Danielle Bell and Tracy Rogers Willard.



I also have some girlfriends who are doing this challenge along side ours and so proud of them as well – Kelly Sudsbury, Jennifer LeVecque, and Jennifer Verge. So great, and will be checking in to see how everyone is doing.


Here is my Day 1momjchallenfe9K run – greens and tomato salad with feta, balsamic and pepper – my coffee without sugar 🙁

Some pictures from the 15 challengers – so proud everyone got it all in today!





Sugar Substitutes – Meals or Snacks without Refined Sugarmealssugarsubs


So we are thinking of a team name, we have had some great ones already from the group –  Cougar Fit, Team Eat Clean and Train Mean, Jody’s team – Living Hollistyle Green and Lean. Give us your ideas for a team name and if we use it you will receive a manicure and nail polish from Derma Spa. It will be chosen November 16 so get your ideas in. Send me your team name idea on FaceBook or Instagram!

A few great cookbook ideas, thanks to Janelle Simpson – Salad Samurai and My New Roots.


You can find them at Chapters. Also check out Daily.Clean.Eats on Instagram so many yummy healthy ideas.