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Jody Hollis

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quotesYay we did it! 31 Days of Fit with BDHQ – Body Dynamics Headquarters – http://www.bdhq.ca

What started out as a joke when we were up at the lake in mid July turned out to be a fitness challenge for the month of August that I am really proud of!


My friend Lisa and I heard about a promotion from our run coach to join the affiliated gym BDHQ (Body Dynamics Headquarters) for a month for an incredible price of $40. Lisa laughed and said why don’t we join this promo, step up our fitness game and try out this gym everyday for the month. Somehow (I think after having a gin and tonic) I thought it was a great idea 🙂 We committed and didn’t look back. With busy family schedules and social events planned, we still made it to a BDHQ workout everyday for the month of August. Let me tell you, it wasn’t always easy, especially near the end when we were tired and sore. However, I knew once we got there we would always feel better after. It really is amazing what a good workout can do for your body and mind.


Friends and family were super supportive, especially our husbands, friends in our run clinic and Jason Ball our coach. I had so many nice comments from people saying that our challenge has inspired them to get moving, which I love and is a big reason why I wanted to blog about it. I also got some interesting comments as in, “are you an exercise fanatic” and “you need to give your body a break” and one of the most interesting was “do you have an eating disorder.” I actually didn’t even see how it related to our fitness challenge but explained that fitness is not just about weight for me or I would diet. I exercise for overall health (mental and physical), because I love the way it makes me feel and for the incredible like minded people who are a part of the community. I really enjoyed all the comments and they made me realize that people have extremely strong views on working out and what is healthy.


Some of the comments got me thinking I should really talk to Jason about this challenge as maybe it is too much and Lisa and I should reconsider going everyday. But after chatting to Jason at great lengths he reassured me that 1 hour a day of intense exercise is not too much and that it is good for me. He said lots of people go to 2 classes a day and do runs, bikes and/or swims if they are training for an event. He also said these classes will challenge my body and muscles differently than just with doing one sport like running.

Then I was worried that I would be intimidated by the fitness level at this gym as I have never done these kinds of interval workouts before. Happily, what I learned was they are intense classes, harder than any I have done before but that’s because they make you challenge yourself. It’s not a competition with anyone else, it’s about pushing yourself to the best of your ability, with a motivating training present, to make sure it is the hardest workout for YOU!


After the challenge, I feel stronger and more fit, especially my cardio. I really have enjoyed the intense and diverse classes so I decided to join BDHQ. I am also running the Goodlife Half Marathon in October with our fantastic group.  I am so glad exercise is and has been an important part of my life – I think it is the best thing for your overall being. It makes me happy and helps me deal with all the challenges life throws my way.  I also can’t say enough about the wonderful people fitness has brought into my life. I am super lucky to have such a great friend, Lisa Sinclair,  who loves fitness as much as I do and will commit to all kinds of fun, fitness adventures. I wonder what’s next…swimming and yoga? Whatever we decide, I know running and interval workouts have now become a part of my fitness STYLE.


A LITTLE ABOUT BDHQ – Body Dynamics Headquarters (BDHQ) is a cutting edge training studio located in the heart of downtown Victoria. We offer training like no other; indoor and outdoor. Get yourself in the BEST shape of your life with the help of our amazing team, no matter your age or fitness level.


THE BDHQ STORY – Body Dynamics started in 1996 with Victoria’s very first outdoor Bootcamp program. What started as a little outdoor program with one trainer evolved into a mass following of hard working Bootcampers who over the years have left their sweat and tears on every beach and park in Victoria. In 2005 came Baby Bootcamp, the first outdoor program for new mom’s to get back into shape with their babies in tow. Both programs are in full swing to this day.

Owner Michele Shorter opened a space on Johnson Street in February 2008 where she brought the outdoors inside. No equipment, no machines. Green turf floors fill the open space full of kettlebells, monkey bars, battling ropes, TRX and tires. The first space of it’s kind in Victoria. The difference between a regular gym and BDHQ, besides the appearance, is that you don’t workout on your own. Either in one of our innovative classes, or in a personal or small group training session, we can ensure that every time you leave our doors, you have just had the best workout possible.

December 2012 saw the opening of Body Dynamics 24hr Fitness – 8,000 square feet gym open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week at 2841 Quesnel St. We couldn’t be more excited about this new venture.

BDHQ and its team of trainers are committed to helping you to reach any goal you have. All ages and all abilities; anyone interested in living their best life.

Where EVERY workout is your hardest!

BDHQ is powered by MindBody

The low down – BDHQ is a training studio located on Johnson St, next door to Lululemon. This is not your average gym with your mom’s aerobics classes. We offer the most innovative training styles and cater to all fitness levels and ages.

With no traditional fixed gym equipment, you’ll find open space, pro-grade kettlebells, TRX, monkey bars, tires, sleds and state of the art spin bikes. When there isn’t a class in session, we hold small group training, for those looking to take their fitness to the next level with more accountability.

We are famous for our group classes with live DJ’s, utilizing items and exercises and equipment you’ve probably never tried at another gym. Try out our introductory offer and see what it’s all about!

Introductory Offer
2 classes for $25 (to be used in 1 week) – your $25 can be put towards any service you wish to purchase after your 2 classes.