5 minute mindfulness coffee

Jody Hollis

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tis’ the season of all the things festive, from school concerts, to holiday parties, to ALL the office treats and holiday libations that feels like every single night!!!

when your day seems more hectic than ever, especially in the falalaseason, here is a simple mindfulness practice that will bring more calm in your day and only takes 5 minutes of your time.

when you step out of your work to go and get a coffee DO NOT TAKE YOUR PHONE (this is the most important step, you phone will survive 5 minutes without you, I promise)

The 5 minute practice
~ walk into the coffee shop and notice your feet touching the ground as you step into the line up

~ listen to the sounds in the coffee shop while taking a few deep breaths knowing that you have nothing to take care of for 5 solid minutes

~ look at the barista in the eyes and smile as you place your order (this is important)

~ pick up your cup of coffee and just take a moment to notice the warmth of the mug in your hands

~ as you feel the heat of the coffee bring the cup closer to your face and take a couple of deep breathes and just allow yourself to inhale the scent of your delicious coffee

~ after a few inhale/exhales take a sip of your soul touching coffee (it really is soul touching especially in the season)  Repeat this step for as long as is needed:)

this practice can also be done at home if your making a coffee just take 5minutes and use as many of your senses as possible, several deep breathes, and leave your phone off in another room.   remember if you don’t have time for 5 minutes, you probably need 30 minutes:)

photo credit – Pinterest