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Cloth napkins are one of life’s little luxuries, like fresh flowers they elevate their surroundings and add a gloss to any meal. From takeout, to tv dinners, to elegant dinner parties cloth napkins add a thoughtfulness that lingers long after the meal is done. You don’t need to fold them into swans or elaborate fans, simpler is better.   When entertaining try whisper thin gauze napkins in rich grey and taupe tied with a velvet ribbon to set a cozy elegant vibe.  Busy week night meals are perfect for thick pin striped cotton napkins. Keeping them rolled on the table with a vase holding cutlery ensures everyone can help themselves and ends the debate about who’s turn it is to set the table. Learning to use cloth napkins is a great dining ritual for your kids to embrace and if you are afraid of stains remember patterned or dark napkins hide a multitude of messes! Cloth napkins also reduce dependence on single use products and are economical, the Oceans Institute calculated that a family of four could spend anywhere between $350.00 – $800.00 on paper napkins over five years and estimate over a billion single use napkins end up in land fills every year.

Practical, beautiful and thoughtful cloth napkins make a lovely hostess or seasonal gift, and can remind everyone to slow down at the table, which is priceless.  By: Deb Baker  www.fivefieldsdesign.com


Cotton Pinstripe Napkin

$6.00 each

Linen Frayed Edge Napkin

$8.00 each


$4.00 each