Animal Print Style – A Call of the Wild

Jody Hollis

/ Style



Wild. Exotic. Royal. Animal prints, bold, intriguing and alluring fashion statements that have lasted the test of time.

These steamy prints have been a fashion staple from the beginning of our history.

Well almost. Our early ancestors started the trend out of a basic need for warmth. Animal skins and fur were used as the first form of clothing as a matter of survival. We can almost assume we are pre-disposed to the trend. As time went on, fur and prints were more commonly used by the upper class and royalty as status symbols.

left to right – Liberator pioneer BettiePage was an inspiration for animal print to be sexy and fashionable in the ’40s – Mitzah Bricard, Christian Dior’s muse in ’50s was fascinated by leopard print – Jacqueline Kennedy the epitome of ’60s chic in Oleg Cassini leopard-skin coat – Blondie and her rock movement of the ’70s in leopard print jumpsuit. 

Couture fashion designers such Dior made animal print a popular fashion trend during the 40’s and 50’s. Since then, we can see leopard and zebra designs in accessories, home décor and jewellery.

Tips To Safely Wear Your Prints In Bold Style

Find your personal print and stick with it. Combining different types of prints into one look can be a major recipe for disaster.

It is always a good idea to start small and keep it simple–less is more when it comes to animal prints. Simply adding animal-print inspired jewellery, a key accessory (scarf, shoes or handbag) or one wardrobe piece (blouse or jacket) is all you need to spice up your look. Add bright spots of colour with animal print to make a bold statement.


Incorporate popular print colours into jewellery designs, such as using black and white or zebra beads to resemble the striking pattern of a zebra. Or tiger eye gemstone beads for a fierce style.

Bring this playful trend into your wardrobe with other animal-inspired jewellery, not necessarily animal print, but rather the animals themselves. Examples include snake-shaped bracelets or necklaces and animal charm pendant necklaces


Dressed up or down it’s still Fab!
Animal prints add a wild, exotic and untamed element to any season, giving you a boost of confidence and air of sophistication. Synonymous with luxury and wealth, animal-print pieces and accessories are considered timeless fashion investments and prized wardrobe possessions.


Thanks to Pamela Sylvan – Downtown And Around for the Fashion Friday style info and Lisa Sinclair – Vita Design Inc. for teaming up with me for fun photos – who does’t love Leopard print?