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Jody Hollis

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I was on Prince Edward Island a few weeks ago to visit my parents and sisters and I was telling them how much I loved my new career with Beautycounter ( I truly love the Beautycounter products, not only because they are safe (with an extensive never list of toxic and harmful ingredients to avoid) but they are also very high performing, amazing feeling and the packaging is outstanding. Everything that I look for when I am buying skincare and cosmetics wrapped into one beautiful package.

jodebcPhotos – Me and Beautycounter

However, at my last Beautycounter social I was getting a lot of women asking me if Beautycounter has a safe deodorant. Currently they do not and that is why I was so excited to be introduced to Nicole’s (from PEI) natural deodorant. My sister had been using it for a month and says it works well. She said she smells good even after a workout and had no reaction when trying it out. I have been using it for a few weeks and I have to say – thumbs up! This is a great product, now I am trying to convince Nicole to ship her natural deodorant out-west to Victoria.

nicole2Middle photo – Nicole Johnson and side photos – her deodorant and making the product

A little note from Nicole about her Natural Deodorant…

I’m Nicole Johnston owner of Nicole’s Natural Deodorant and Scrub. A few years ago I had a friend that was interested in using a more natural deodorant. It got me thinking about the deodorant I use and what my two young girls were going to have to use when they were older. I bought a few other natural deodorant brands but it just didn’t work with my bodies. I workout five days a week and teach classes at my local gym so I needed something that was going to work with me. I started making this all natural deodorant for just myself and my friend. Word of mouth took it from there. It took my husband 6 months to finally try it and he loves it. No more deodorant build up on his shirts they now wash up 100% clean. Some people buy two jars – one they use as deodorant and the other as a body scrub. The organic coconut oil leaves your skin feeling wonderful. I have a BSc in Human Nutrition and have worked in the food industry for years. I now have a small scale production line in my kitchen some days. I sell my product for $6 a jar. Having a natural product is a great selling point but having a deodorant that works this well sells itself!

The ingredients in my deodorant are Organic Coconut Oil, Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate and essential oils.

nlistNicole’s natural deodorant and Beautycounter’s never list