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I say why reinvent the wheel when we have such amazing resources like Pinterest. If you are not signed up you need to be –  It is by far my favorite social media site, I am on it more than Facebook or Instagram. I use it to grab yummy recipes for dinner, find decorating and entertaining ideas and most of all for my style inspiration.

It is no fun to feel self-conscious about an outfit choice, like you never had the time to get ready or you just grabbed the same thing that was at the top of the pile. I find that if I don’t spend a little time thinking about what I am going to wear, my room is a disaster, I’m not dressed, and sadly it’s time to leave. I will have outfits all over the floor and will walk out the door feeling not put together. So…to save myself from cleaning up and to have more time to enjoy what I am doing, I look to Pinterest.

I pinned this beautiful Norwegian fashionista (top left image) to my board “Day Style” because I love everything about her look. It’s conservative, professional and stylish. Her name is Tine Andrea, she is a top fashion bloggers, stylist and freelance journalist from The Fashion Eaters. Check out her website her fashion images and overall style are always a winner in my book. I am often pinning her images to my style boards to copy her look. To learn more about Tine Andrea and her edgy yet nostalgic style, here is a little post about her from Closet Space

When I had a luncheon to attend last week with my mother-in-law I went to my board “Day Style” and picked this Tine Andrea pin out. Putting my look together was easy when I knew what I was looking for. Black pants (bianca nygard) black top (banana republic) and black jacket (top shop) with a vintage camel coat that I have had for 10 years. I would never have thought about wearing this coat until I saw this pin and how she was wearing it like an overcoat. I copied the look (bottom middle and top right) and also included pictures of my clothes and accessories from my closet. Boots (Franco Sasrto) and sunglasses (toms).

top left image from

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