Don’t wait…

Jody Hollis

/ Health & Wellness
You know the saying, “good things come to those who wait?” In certain contexts I suppose that could be true. Like when you are pregnant, you have to wait 9 months for the baby to get here and there is nothing you can do about that, or if you are baking cookies- you have to wait until the timer goes… yes so in some respects, this is the truth… Sometimes you have to be patient and wait it out. However, I do think that saying can sometimes lead us to false hope and missed chances. Most of the time, aside from those obvious circumstances, good things come to those who work their butt off.

When I think of the best experiences in my lifetime thus far, they all took some major determination and drive to achieve. My kids- my greatest achievement and what I will always be most proud of, were a hell of a lot of work to grow. I am not one of those people who enjoy being pregnant, I still don’t actually know if I believe those women who say they do, and making those kids were ALOT of work. My body agrees. Starting my new business, one of the scariest endeavours I have ever taken on, took a lot of time, energy and effort but I am so eternally grateful I took that step. When I decided to train for an Ironman triathlon right after I graduated university, I had zero idea what I was doing but- I worked and trained harder then I ever had in my athletic career. Crossing the finish line in the Lake Placid Olympic oval was by far (aside from childbirth and my wedding) the coolest experience of my life.

So those are a few of my big highlights but what I want to talk right now, is something that sometimes is easy to overlook…taking care of us. Our health and the effort we put in to achieving it, affects every other aspect of our lives and the people we love that are in it. When I’m at my best, when I have my most energy, when I eat healthy and I move my body daily- everyone in my life is going to get a really good version of Tracey. I know I radiate a whole different energy when I’m looked after. I know it and I preach it.. but it doesn’t mean its easy. When kids get sick, or the sun isn’t shinning, it’s storming, I didn’t sleep well, or there is another freaking PD day that throws off our routine, staying on top of what makes me thrive gets really, really challenging. When you get a few of those off days in a row, it’s so easy to let 2 days turn into 3, and 3 days turn into 4 and before you know it, a week has gone by and you realize you have completely left yourself off of your priority list. So you make another coffee, look at your laundry pile that you had almost caught up on a week ago and the lego pieces and mega blocks on the floor (where the heck do they keep coming from anyway) and think WTF?? You aren’t alone in having these moments. It happens as easily as the Kardashians divorce.


So back to what I said before… keeping ourselves on our to do list is not easy, it’s a freaking lot of work and it always will be.. but here is the thing- you get one chance. Period. Don’t wait for that time down the road when your schedule isn’t as crazy, or you’ve switched jobs, or your kids are grown or when you are looking back and saying “I wish I had of….” You will ALWAYS have things that will get in the way of looking after you and frankly, the longer you wait to make you a priority, the harder it will be to change. Do it now. Do it today. Do it at the age you are at this very moment. Why??? Because you are worth it. Why? Because your health is important. Still why? Because you have air in your lungs and feet that move and it’s yours and only your responsibility to be your best you.

Here are a few tips to help you on those tough days:

– Drink a lot of water (yes I say this repeatedly but it’s so good for you).
– Do jumping jacks in your kitchen and if there are little eyes on you, ask them to join.
– Throw on same Taylor Swift, crank it up, and dance like she is not annoying
– Find a room where you can shut the door, maybe even turn off the lights and take 10 deep breaths in and out (I totally recommend using essential oils for this to enhance relaxation)
– Take a bath…I am a HUGE advocate of epsom salt baths in the evening to help relax the muscles and the mind. Laundry can wait. It will literally never go anywhere lol.
– Breathe fresh air as much as possible
– Buy yourself flowers. Why the heck not??
– Hide your phone. Phone breaks are sooooo good for the head.
– Meet a friend and go for a walk or run. There is literally nothing better for the mind then endorphins flying and good conversation all in one.

I can say this until I’m blue in the face and I will never stop. I make it a priority to keep myself as healthy as I can. This past week, for the first time since we became a six member household- everyone was down and out but me.. and I mean down and out. The ONLY reason I am not with them is because of that effort  I make to be healthy and to be on my best mom game. They are not the only reason I want to look after myself, I do it because I want to live and love my life as best I can….but they are the best reminders in the world when I need one. These are the moments when that effort counts the most.

Thanks for reading. You are awesome.