Enjoy the Present – Event Style

Jody Hollis

/ Health & Wellness

So excited to present the Living Hollis Style – 30 Days of Heath Challenge Group #3 with this wonderful Mini Workshop by Grace Gerry.

left to right – Grace Gerry (Graceful Solutions) and Jody Hollis (Living Hollis Style)

Complimentary mini workshop on Thursday March 10, from 9:15-10:15 am
Presented by Grace Gerry – Counsellor, Graceful Solutions

• Do you ever feel you are always rushing here and there, on the go, go, go?
• Have you ever driven home and not remembered how you got there?
• Ever worry that too much stress and pressure robs you from enjoying your life?
If so, you are not alone! Many women are so busy and preoccupied these days, that we go through life on autopilot, and risk missing out on life’s precious moments.
Grace Gerry knows these struggles first hand from her counselling practice, and will share insights and tips so you can get the most from your life.
• Discover how being present helps you enjoy your life and connect more deeply with loved ones, even during busy times.
• Learn the signs that distractions, upsets and preoccupations have taken you away from the present
• Learn some simple techniques to release stress, so you can restore your happy and loving self, clear your head, and step back into the present.

Space is limited so if you are interested contact me, Jody Hollis, at [email protected] for more information and location.

I know I need this information and can’t wait to get some tips! Life gets so busy sometimes that I need to learn to take more time to be present with my family, friends and my work. I am excited!