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As soon as I started my blog I knew I had to have this girlfriend in a post. She embodies Fashion, Fitness and FUN, is drop dead gorgeous and has a hot Aussie accent. I just love her STYLE and zest for LIFE! She is someone I look to for fashion ideas and is the one person I would trade my closet with.


Before her career with LifeCell Corporation, Jodie worked in medical sales for Johnson and Johnson, would travel once a month to Victoria and would stay with us. I can remember her walking down the stairs leaving for work and I would literally be drooling over her suits, bags, boots or shoes. I would be standing there in my PJs covered in baby goop and breast milk, thinking will I ever get to wear nice clothes again. Now she is pregnant with twin boys and still looks like a super model and has amazing style, not fair 🙂

Here are some of Jodie’s maternity shots taken by Andras Schram. His photography work is so gorgeous and unique and on Instagram @andrasschram. His under the water work and complete portfolio is refreshingly beautiful.

jt7Far left – Olive & Qique navy hat, Anthropology fringe scarf, and Paige Denim maternity sunny jeans. Bottom right – Jolt pink and grey vest from Nordstroms and “N” grey bandeau Nordstroms.

Life “Jodie Tilley” Style – The F Girl

My life seems to revolve around everything beginning with The letter ‘F’. I have an obsession with Family, Friends, Fitness, Food, Finding Fun, Festivals (the music kind) and Fashion.  So that about sums me up in a nut shell. So being pregnant with twins has now changed what most of those ‘F’s look like.

The Family is about to grow at a rapid speed! I am about to have one of my very own which is about the most exciting thing that could ever happen to me.  Not to mention all the fabulous new in-laws I am gaining at the same time.

In the Friends department, I see myself as relatively talented. I have the best friends in the world. I have many close friendships with the most genuine and real people that you could ever meet. They transcend oceans and continents and the real ones are there for life. Those are the people I just can’t get enough of and will always make the effort to keep close. However I am also learning that being pregnant somewhat changes your daily friend circle and with it comes a wild new world of twin mum and dad friends out there that I can’t wait to get my hands on!!

Fitness and living as healthily as I can, mind, body and soul is something I have always strived to maintain. Sure we all have blips but I welcome those and use them to learn from and build my physical and emotional fitness every day. It’s all about choices people! My favorite fitness activities include Hot Yoga, Spinning, Running and Ocean or Lake Swimming. All so good for the mind, body and soul.

Food is an obvious obsession for most people but I think I have obsessed more than the average person. I often plan what I want to eat the day or week before I eat it.  I love cooking and am a rather nutritionally aware person so most of my meals are super food based. But I must admit, my sweet tooth often gets the best of me. I snack in between meals often on sugary goodness. Especially dark chocolate or icecream. All in moderation they say….

I am a self proclaimed FOMO (fear of missing out) human. I never want to miss out on the Fun. So intend to commit to the fun times with friends and fam as often as possible. Problem is that being pregnant with twins I sometimes don’t know when to say ‘No’. So I can’t often pay for it afterwards. Time to start to slow down a little for me being that I am now 8 months pregnant and find new kinds of Fun.

I LOVE LOVE going to Festivals of the music kind. Mostly Indy music. So I try to get to at least one of the major Festivals each year. Last couple of years I have checked off Osheaga, Coachella, Lollapalooza and a few other smaller ones. The twins make that difficult this year however so I am just hitting up concerts for now. But look out Coachella, I am coming back for ya in 2016!!!

And finally this brings me to Fashion. Ah fashion, ya know I love ya but I hate ya cause you come and go so often and I end up spending all my $ on ya then you go and desert me again. Leaves me feeling used. But I am a sucker for punishment and I will go back for more of it time and time again!!! Growing up in Australia fashion was all about the beach, regardless of the season. We were there 12 months a year and there were really only ever 2 seasons. So Canadian fashion has given me two extra seasons to dress for!! I LOVE it!! Boots, hats, gloves, coats and big juicy sweaters were never a part of my wardrobe. Oh how I love having more seasons and fashion choices!! Now, I have come across a new fashion challenge being pregnant. Having a twin pregnancy means that I am growing at a much faster pace than the majority of single pregnancies. So I grow out of clothes within about 2 weeks of them fitting so perfectly. This could be a major investment if I allowed it to be. So I decided to buy a couple key pieces of maternity clothing that I will gladly pass on when done however the majority of what I have purchased to wear while pregnant is regular clothing thats in fashion and that I will be able to wear post pregnancy. Being summer, it’s important to wear loose comfy clothes, lots of flowy dresses, light linens and stretchy tanks. Then all you need to do is accessorize with a great scarf, hat, piece of jewelry, or new vest and there you have it, your basics have been transformed.

jt4Far left – Free People sweater vest, anthropology linen pants, havianas, Nordstrom t-shirt “H”, Prada sunglasses and necklace from jeweler in Manhattan Beach Cali.

Jodie is a photo addict like myself and has some fantastic photos on Instagram @jodietilley