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I took some photos last week of myself and a friend wearing a few lipstick colours that are trending for 2015. We had very little makeup on and no cover up. I wanted to really showcase the 3 MAC lip colours that I can’t do without for 2015. Plus the current look is very minimal makeup with what the fashion stylists are calling “just -bitten lips” showcasing some dewy colour.

I posted a few of these pics to my personal account and I was so surprised by the positive feedback from people who follow me, saying how refreshing it was to see real faces with brown spots, wrinkles and imperfections in the skin. I can’t say that it initially made me feel great especially because I spend a lot of time and money working on my skin (pretty much have used or have tried every anti-aging product and service available) but then felt grateful. Grateful to have these imperfections showing that I am living an active, outdoor, fun life.


1. top – MAC honey love 2. bottom left – MAC flamingo 3. bottom right – MAC ramp it up

Lipstick is MAC.

MAC sells the best lipsticks. Beautiful and exciting colours, long lasting wear, fantastic feeling on the lips, and a good price point. ($19 Can)

It is also harder with age to wear makeup, especially when using foundations, concealers or powders. Trying to cover up imperfections sometimes can make you look older, more wrinkly or unnaturally consistent. Here is a great article I came across on by Megan Cahn that has some great tips on how to wear makeup well for your age. To see the full article and brilliant photos go to the following link.

Makeup Mistakes that are Making you Look Older by Megan Cahn 

MISTAKE # 1: Wearing foundation that does not match your skin color.

Many women end up looking they have a floating head or they are wearing a mask because their foundation does not match their face and neck. When you go too light it makes your skin appear flat and lifeless. Instead of natural, it will look like the makeup is just sitting on your skin, which can add years to your face. But if you go too dark, you are not highlighting your features, but dragging them down and adding a dullness and heaviness that is just as aging.

MISTAKE # 2: Choosing a lipstick that is too dark.

As you age, you lose definition in your lips, so to appear more youthful, you’ll want to wear a lipstick that adds fullness. A dark color does just the opposite, making your lips look smaller, less plump, and less highlighted. Instead, choose something in a mauve or pink tone. Adding a layer of gloss is helpful as well. Many women feel like they are too old to wear lip gloss, but a shiny finish will actually add a youthful plumpness.

MISTAKE # 3: Only lining the bottom of your eyes with liner.

“So many women I talk to say ‘I only line the bottom,'” Soane told us. “And when I ask them why, they say because ‘It’s easier.’ It’s tragic; top liner is mandatory.” Though it may be easier to apply eyeliner on the bottom, only doing so will drag your features down and make your eyes appear smaller and your overall appearance seem older. Applying eyeliner on the top as well will open your eyes up and brighten your face. But be sure not to make the liner too thick, which can also be aging.

MISTAKE #4: Applying the wrong shade of blush too low on your face.

Many women do not wear a shade of blush that adds youthfulness to their face. Some choose a brown color because they think they are adding definition and contouring, but it ends up looking muddy, dull, and like the makeup is just sitting on your skin. Other women often choose a product that is too soft in color, which can wash you out and age you as well.

MISTAKE #5: Not adding color and defining your brows.

As you get older, your eyebrows get thinner, or simply from years of over-plucking, they just don’t grow back. Not filling them in with a pencil or brow powder can leave you washed out and looking older, while a full brow will lift the face, define your features, and create an overall youthful appearance.