New Year, New YOU with doTERRA

Jody Hollis

/ Health & Wellness, Home

As we begin a new year with fresh motivation and fresh perspectives, doTERRA has announced their favourite promotion has returned- the New Year, New You promo is back!  If you are looking to up level your health and clean up your home, this is a wonderful incentive for you. Enrol with doTERRA this January with a 100 pv order, place a loyalty rewards program order of 100 pv in February and get 100 pv FREE. This is over $100 US in free oils of YOUR choice.

Its been just over a year since I began my journey with doTERRA and I have never looked back. Using doTERRA essential oils has empowered me as a mom of four kids to use safer, cleaner products in my home and on my children. doTERRA’s dedication to purity and ensuring you are getting a certified therapeutic grade oil in your hands is what has locked me in forever. What parent doesn’t want the opportunity to have natural solutions to almost everything, right at your finger tips?  For me that was the game changer. I no longer use toxic cleaners in my home (I make my own with essential oils) or use the OnGuard all purpose cleaner, I always check the ingredient list of cosmetics and other household products before I purchase and I regularly use the EWG website as a back up if I’m unsure of their safety.  What amazed me is just a few weeks after switching to cleaner products, my youngest daughters eczema had basically disappeared.

In a typical day I use a variety of doTERRA essential oils, but a few of my staples and favourites are:

1-2 drops of lemon, wild orange or tangerine in my water to help detox and cleanse the body. (doTERRA essential oils are the only ones recommended for internal use). They are also high in limonene.

A roll of peppermint across my forehead and temples to wake me up and give me instant natural energy. This is my favourite early morning routine and is so invigorating, you literally feel an instant boost.

Wild orange and peppermint in my diffuser when I teach my fitness classes and to welcome everyone in to the kitchen for breakfast. Its uplifting and energizing, it purifies the air and  helps with morning cranky faces. lol

A drop of Frankincense under my tongue for cellular health benefits.

A drop of Balance in my palms to inhale to help ground me when I need it. I can feel the tension melt away.

Peace in the diffuser in the evenings because, well….everyone wants peace.

A roll on diluted OnGuard on my kids feet or spine before school and bedtime to help boost their immunity.

Lastly, easy air in the diffuser mixed with lavender to help open their airways during cold and flu season and to get a more restful sleep.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this amazing community, please send me a note at [email protected] or check out my website for more information. I promise you will never regret opening yourself up to these powerful tools.