November is the New January

Jody Hollis

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November is the new January (starting today)

First of all, before I get in to the November talk, I have to say that I really love Canada. I love my home, I am proud of where I come from, and I will always stand behind the red and white. Now that I have that out of the way, I don’t feel as guilty when I say I don’t really love winter. I kind of hate it. Yes experiencing winter is a big part of being Canadian, but if you live in this country you may have heard or used this line a few times between November and March- “I’m not a big fan of the cold.” Ugh, I just shivered.

So there is that and then there is the fact we are engulfed in darkness by 4:46 pm in the evening. Ouch. Cold and dark are not great contributors when you are trying to lead a life full of vitality. So to all those out there that are starting to feel that pull to the couch by 6:00 pm- I get it…but stop… don’t do it. Don’t sit down and get your cozy pants and slippers on.  It sounds so inviting to cozy up and maybe even turn the fire on and make a hot chocolate, but letting yourself fall victim to the fleece blanket that’s calling your name will soon start to affect you in other ways. I am hugely affected by winter. I will be the first to admit it and sometimes the first one to the couch but I know how it starts a domino affect on the rest of my life. My laundry starts to pile up even more then it usually does, kids toys start becoming more mountainous in places they shouldn’t be, the counters get cluttered, my car gets messy and my to do list grows. So then my stress levels increase, my patience diminishes and everyone in my house starts to feel it. Anybody with me or am I the only one with kids pictures from school all over the kitchen??

Yesterday was a really hard parenting day for me. It was one of those days where no matter what I did, someone was fighting or crying, then water got spilled on homework, there were Cheerios all over the floor and all my sick baby wanted to do was be held. I felt like a referee that needed a hair elastic and a shower. When my husband got home from work my mood mirrored that of that big monster in the old Rudolph movie (I think I was making noises like he did too) and I wanted to go hide with a fleece blanket in the closet. I knew the answer to lowering my shoulders away from my ears was to go for a run. It’s always my solution and it always gives me fresh perspective…. but yesterday I let that voice in my head talk me out of it- “it’s too cold,” “do it tomorrow,” “have wine instead,” etc. etc. Not good. I went to bed feeling on edge, stressed and discouraged. So this morning was this beautiful, brand new day which us lucky ones get every 24 hours and I knew what I had to do. As soon as everyone was out the door and even though I had a mountain load of work to do, I put on my running clothes and off I went like a bat out of hell (not really but it kind of felt like that)… I ran, I conquered and I was renewed. It was exactly what I needed and I came back feeling strong and proud and ready to tackle the day.

Sometimes when things we normally can do with ease (or somewhat with ease) become difficult- its when our body and mind need it the most. When life is stressful and moving your body seems like another thing on your endless to do list- put it at the top. Seriously, it belongs there. Yes some things might get left out or become last minute, but you will tick off the items on that list a lighter human being, a calmer human being, and a healthier human being. No one is ever going to make you put yourself first- but every being around you will get more from you if you do.

Please don’t say to yourself in January you will change. Take care of yourself right now. Stop that domino before it falls and feel energized and proud as you finish 2017. Believe me, I KNOW it can be really, really hard but those little daily obstacles (like sick kids and messy homework) won’t seem so bad if you are looked after. You are worth it. You are SO awesome! You have got this.

Here are a few little things that can help you fight off the winter blahs:

1- Decorate early for Christmas. Why not?!  Start the excitement early and enjoy the beauty as long as you can.

2- Play music. There is nothing like relaxing tunes or a random dance party in the kitchen to make you feel a little lighter. I love Michael Buble’s Christmas album as a compliment to early Christmas decor.

3- Use essential oils daily. I rely heavily on doTERRA essential oils this time of year both to help boost the immunity in our home and to lift our mood and spirits. When you walk into a room that smells delicious, it’s an instant mood booster. My current fave is Holiday Joy. Sooooo good! To find out more, you can visit here:

4- Leave notes around the house as reminders to move and that you really are awesome. Maybe a note by the TV that says “wait until later,” and another by the couch that says “we will visit after 8:00 pm.” The most important in your kitchen that says- “you are amazing and you are loved.”

5- Brighten someones day. It feels good to make others feel good, so buy a friend a coffee, send a note to an old friend and smile at a stranger. Your mood will feel it.

6- Don’t take your phone to bed with you. There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t take your phone to bed with you so try not to. If you need it for an alarm, put it at the other side of the room. Let your mind relax and read a book instead.

7- Move your body daily. Even if it’s for one minute at a time, it’s so important.  Here is a 1 minute video you can do anywhere when you are short on time but need a reset. Visit @resetbreathe.


PS – and are teaming up the end of the month to do a one week Health Challenge from Nov 23-29. Exercise, no refined sugar & greens everyday for a week. Come join the healthy FUN! For more info click below 🙂