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Simple Beauty

I found this article on the European beauty in minimalism helpful for maintaining a lifestyle that goes with the home style. Let me first say that I am not a minimalist: my walls are covered in art from tame to eccentric and I am person who needs colour in my life. But wouldn’t it be so easy to keep up with the household chores if we could just get rid of what we didn’t need and got each room organized?

The Beauty of Minimalism  (Engel & Völkers blog, 2014)

Minimalism is one of the most enduringly popular decorating trends, and it’s easy to understand why. Characterised by streamlined shapes, sparse furniture, and a serious lack of disorder, minimalist decor brings space and light into any room and keeps the focus firmly on the beautiful bare necessities.

Starting work on a minimalist makeover isn’t difficult: just follow our simple steps to transform your home.

Get rid of what you don’t need

A good way to choose what to keep and what to throw away is to ask yourself “is it essential, or is it beautiful?” If it’s neither, put it in a box for charity. It’s best to keep furniture to a minimum, favouring basic items like couches and coffee tables over ornate bureaus and chests. Strip your home down, judge each piece independently and then decide which things you want to keep and select the most suitable location for each one.

Organise your storage space

Every household is filled with items that, while essential, are best kept out of sight. Bits and pieces such as computer cables, folders filled with paperwork, and DVDs are required for daily life, but in a minimalist home the old adage that there should be ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’ really does hold true. Give your current storage space a rigorous clear out to make room for the things that you really do need.

Keep it plain and simple

Ornate décor is not at home in a minimalist household. Avoid patterned upholstery and carved furniture, keeping lines plain and simple without any distractions. Floors should be kept clean and clear: preferably in plain hardwood, but if you favour carpets then choose a block colour in a neutral shade. Move items that are cluttering up surfaces into storage spaces, leaving only a few splashes of colour where appropriate.

Add some objets d’art

Once your home is cleared out, it’s time to stamp your own character onto the clear canvas. Don’t get carried away: you only need one or two pieces per room to express your personality and make the space look lived in. Add statement pieces such as simple artwork on the wall, a vase of flowers on the coffee table, or place a hardback copy of your favourite book on the shelf.

Do it slowly

Rome wasn’t built in a day – so don’t try to change your entire home all at once. Start with one room and work from there. You’ll also find it helpful to keep coming back to review your decisions – make the initial changes and remove clutter, give it a few days and then examine your work again with a fresh pair of eyes. You may find that items you previously couldn’t bear to part with now seem unnecessary complications, so it’s important to review and simplify on a regular basis.

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