Stylish Life Series: Reset

Jody Hollis

/ Health & Wellness

Wow what a Saturday! It was so fun to reset and join Mayfair Mall in partnership with @lululemonyvr on Saturday, Jan. 18 for an EPIC day of workouts with some of Victoria’s top fitness instructors. I participated in 4 of the epic workouts, enjoyed the live DJ, healthy snacks from toque catering and received some awesome lulu swag. it was such an exciting event and super sweat sesh!!💦 This is what the schedule looked like and believe me, ALL PARTIES brought their A GAME!

9:00am ▶️ Jazzercise with @vickiwatersjazzercise
10:15am ▶️ Playground with @thirdspacemvmt
12:00pm ▶️ Spin with @spincovi 
1:00pm ▶️ Boxing with @sparboxingstudio 
3:00pm ▶️ Strength & Stretch with @thirdspacemvmt
4:15pm ▶️ Booties with @bpmfitnesscentre 

Vicki Waters Jazzercise
This is an absolutely amazing community of fit and beautiful people inside and out, drawing a crowd of 600 to Mayfair Saturday – WOW. Vicki Waters is the guru of health and fitness in Victoria and an incredible ambassador for health in our city!! Jazzercise is fun, action-packed & effective fitness with lots of enthusiastic participants at each workout (you’ll feel the positive energy!) You can join jazzercise at any of their 12 classes each week, here in Victoria. Jazzercise…is so fun and considered one of the most effective workout for your mind and body. I Loved it!

Third Space Movement
It was so neat to learn more about Third Space Movement. For me, it felt like a playful yoga with heart and interaction. Third Space is where Victoria’s movement communities unite. They seek play over work, heart over heart rate, and fulfillment over exhaustion. They have a wide range of movement, yoga, and acrobatics classes where people at every skill level can build strength, skills, and mobility. Such an incredibly healthy way to meet some fit & fun people in Victoria. I can’t wait to get some movement & play in and see their new space. 

Spinco Victoria & Westshore
I can’t say enough about this workout! (However, I may be bias as I am a member) I think this workout is lights-out cardio with amazing instructors that will keep you wanting to go back and up your fitness game. It is a fantastic community that puts a smile on my face every morning! This is what to expect when you ride. You will work hard. People are mindful of each other and the spin space. You sweat (a lot!). Inside Spinco walls is a safe space and a rare opportunity to completely lose yourself. IT IS FUN! Everyone believes it is easier to spin with a smile on your face.

SPAR Boxing Studio
This workout is incredible and I am also a member. I enjoy it because it is a total body workout with a combination of STRENGTH and cardio. This workout also challenges you mentally. You get to learn different punch combinations while trying to follow the beat of the music. it is considered technical boxing that meets dynamic high intensity training where every movement is fuelled by the BEAT of the music. The instructors are top notch, they keep the class exciting and it all happens in a very cool boxing studio environment. And lets be honest, who doesn’t like to punch things sometimes 😉

BOOTIES by BPM Fitness Centre
This class offered those booty gains you’ve been looking for. The workout focused on toning, firming, and strengthening your booty by offering a variety of lower body exercises from bands to barbells and everything in between. BPM isn’t just a studio, it’s a community. To strengthen this community, BPM also provides the opportunity to take part in group activities, parties, and educational classes including strength training, instructor training, nutrition, cycling technique, and more. So FUN!

THANK YOU Mayfair Mall and Lululemon for providing this opportunity to experience so many of these incredible boutique fitness businesses in your beautiful CONNECT Space. We are so lucky in Victoria to have Mayfair Shopping Centre in our city who works at bringing Victoria together to shop, play and build a healthy community!! YAY MAYFAIR!