Younger Trends – knee high socks

Jody Hollis

/ Style

Are knee high socks still trending? Yes, says Charlotte, especially with her age. I think they look fantastic on younger women and celebrities like Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker – WOW! Socks are bold, funky and sexy and that’s why they are so popular among true fashionistas. Not sure if I could feel comfortable rocking a pair but love the look. I think that you have to be slim, have great legs and live in a semi-warm climate if you aren’t wearing sheer tights underneath to make the look work.


Here are some of my favorite ways I see knee high socks worn:

  • In replacement of tights with skirts, shorts, and mini dresses
  • Over leggings for extra warmth
  • Scrunched down as slouchy socks with ankle boots
  • With open-toed heels, pumps, and thigh high boots

Celebrities who wear them with STYLE!


These are one of Charlotte’s favorite pairs. Very comfortable and the beige color works with many outfits.